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 Mero, Aryan, and Trace

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PostSubject: Mero, Aryan, and Trace   Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:07 pm

Name: Mero
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Hair: black
Eyes: pale green
Home nation: Earth Kingdom
Bender or Mortal: Bender
Bending abilities (If bender): Metal, earth, sand
Body type: short but strong
Personality: Tomboy
Weapon (if non-bender): none
Pets: Canyon Crawler (Stitch)
Bio: Mero was born rather poor in a village next to the Great Divide. She was injured when she was ten which took away her eye sight. She is a skilled earth bender and sees using it.
Notes: blind

Name: Aryan
Sex: male
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Home nation: Southern Air Temple
Bender or Mortal: Bender
Bending abilities (If bender): Air
Body type: athletic
Personality: bubbly, optimistic
Weapon (if non-bender): glider/staff
Pets: Giant purple pentapus
Bio: Born in the Southern Air Temple, left when he was 12

Name: Trace
Sex: male
Hair: short, cropped, black
Eyes: black
Home nation: Earth Kingdom
Bender or Mortal: mortal
Bending abilities (If bender): none
Body type: muscular, lean, flexible
Personality: dark, cold, harsh
Weapon (if non-bender): razor wire whips with daggers fixed to the ends.
Pets: Giant eel hound
Bio: Great acrobatics, strong martial artist, and skilled with Chi blocking
Notes: Bounty hunter

Earth bender, Mero
Water/plant bender, Ty
Avatar Kei
Air bender, Aryan
Bounty Hunter/firebender, Trace
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Mero, Aryan, and Trace
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