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I opened my eyes and appeared in the spirit world. I stood and walked across the water. It wasn't that deep but it was murky. The surface was as smooth as glass and really reflective. I looked at my reflection... but it wasn't me. "Avatar Aang." He nodded and rose from the water. Becoming as physical as you could become in the spirit world. He was around my age, young and had tattoos along his chi lines. "Aang, I need your help, I don't understand..."
"It's confusing at first, but like Roku before me, I'll be here for you. I can see you've mastered your home element, so next is earth bending. You should try Ba Sing Se, there a hundreds of great earth benders there!" He told me optimistically.
"That's not it, I always knew I'd have to learn earth bending next... but... the Avatar state. I hurt all those people, and I didn't mean to! It's just... Lena."
"Strong emotions such as sorrow trigger the avatar state. Teenagers are cruel bullies... The death of a friend is always tragic but you must let it go. When I was a bit older I went to see the Guru, you must let go of all your sorrows in order to open a certain chakra. In the end you will be able to control what you do in the Avatar state."
"Nexuses of metaphysical energy within the body."
"You can ask him. But not now, you should wait a while, and try to master earth bending. If you need any more help, you know where to go." He said smiling. I nodded and walked back to where I appeared. I sat down in meditating position and closed my eyes.
Back in the physical world.
I opened my eyes to be greeted by Mato. I smiled, patted his head and stood.

Earth bender, Mero
Water/plant bender, Ty
Avatar Kei
Air bender, Aryan
Bounty Hunter/firebender, Trace
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