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 Avatar Kei

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PostSubject: Avatar Kei    Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:52 am

Name: Kei Ari
Age: 17
Sex: male
Hair: short, nicely trimmed, black
Eyes: icy blue eyes
Home nation: Northern Water Tribe
Bender or Mortal: Bender
Bending abilities (If bender): Water, ice.
Body type: Thin but slight muscular build.
Personality: Gentle, bad temper, loves all life, great with animals
Weapon (if non-bender): A skim board like shell, used to surf on water or skate on ice. (not really a weapon)
Pets (only two, one big, like Appa. One small, like Momo): Platypus bear (Mato), and a large green-blue dragon (Keanu)
Bio: Kei is the next avatar after Avatar Aang. He is a strong water bender and has set out on a quest to learn earth bending. Gains information and is mentored by Aang, the previous Avatar. (Like Aang's mentor was Roku) Kei's twin sister, Ahkira, became jealous of his power, and became hungry with it. He took away her bending... kinda and corrupted her with dark spirits. She left the Northern water tribe and hasn't been heard of since.
RP example (4 sentences): I rested on Mato's back as he paddled through the cool water. The sun beat down on us making his fur really warm. I slid my hand across the surface of the water and arced the water over us. I looked up and saw Keanu gliding toward us. He picked us up and set us in the large carrier strapped to his back. I rested against Mato and Keanu flew off into the sky.
Notes: Avatar (if you didn't catch that)
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Avatar Kei
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