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PostSubject: Ahkira   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:28 am

Name: Ahkira Ari
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Hair: Long, wavy, black
Eyes: Dark red
Home nation: Northern Water Tribe
Bender or Mortal: Bender
Bending abilities (If bender): Originally water, but she was corrupted and can now control dark energies and spirits.
Body type: Tall, lean, light skin
Description: Full lips, slender face, wide eyes, very beautiful, feline-like
Personality: Witty, dark, seductive, stubborn, aggressive, smart
Weapon (if non-bender): None
Pets (only two, one big, like Appa, one small, like momo): None
Bio: Ahkira was originally a water bender, but she became hungry with power. Her brother, Kei Ari, the Avatar, tried to take away her bending when she became a threat. But, in his attempt to take away her bending, Ahkira came into contact with the spirit world, where she was corrupted by dark forces and spirits. Now, the spirits work through her, unleashing themselves into the physical world, able to be bended by Ahkira.
RP example (4 sentences): The power. That was all I felt. The power felt so good. The dark energy flowed endlessly from my body. It arched above my head, feeding the air with its destructive taste. I loved the power and it loved me.
Notes: Sister of the Avatar.
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