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 Pets (Fauna)

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Fauna is the term used in the Nickelodeon TV series of Avatar for the different animal hybrids. There are probably more and feel free to make up your own fauna but this is a list of them I have compiled that were shown, or mentioned on the tv series. You may choose from this list or make up your own.

Sky Bison - Bison and manatee cross, Airbenders, able to fly.
Winged-Lemur - Lemur, bat, and possibly house cat cross, Air Nomad pets.
Hermit Crab - Crab with a shell-switching lifestyle, covered in a coat of black and white hair.
Arctic Hen - Hen and arctic fox cross, bred for meat.
Arctic Hippo - Arctic hippo, hunted for its blubber.
Arctic Seal - Just a seal that lives in the south pole.
Buffalo Yak - Buffalo and yak cross, used for transportation.
Fish - Just a fish.
Koalaotters - Koala and otter cross.
Octopus - Cephalopod that lives in the sea.
Otter-Penguin - Penguin and otter cross, can be used for "penguin-sledding".
Pengun Fish- A greenish fish with big eyes
Polar Bear Dogs - Polar bear and dog cross, Southern Water Tribe pets.
Polar Leopard - Polar bear and leopard cross.
Polar Mouse - Polar bear and mouse cross.
Sea Sponge - Aquatic invertebrate animal.
Tiger Seal - Tiger and seal cross, hunted for meat.
Turtle Seal - Turtle and seal cross.
White Hamsters - Hamster and cat cross, white in color.
Armadillo Bear - Armadillo and bear cross.
Armadillo Lion - Armadillo and lion cross.
Badgermole - Badger and mole cross, original Earthbenders, blind.
Blue Bird - Birds with blue feathers.
Bear - Just a bear, extremely rare and unheard of.
Bearded Cat - Cat with beard, pets.
Boar-q-pine - Boar and porcupine cross.
Bull Antelope - Bull and antelope cross.
Bull Pig - Boar and bull cross.
Butterfly - Just a butterfly.
Buzzard-Wasp - Vulture and wasp cross.
Canyon Crawler- Spider and crocodile cross.
Cat - Just a cat.
Cat Owl - Cat and owl cross.
Catgator - Cat fish and alligator cross.
Creeping Slime - An algae-like mass that crawls up the walls of the sewers in Omashu.
Dragonfly - Dragonfly and lizard cross.
Duck - Just a duck.
Eel Hound - Eel and hound cross, used for transportation on land and water.
Elbow Leech - Leech, attaches only to elbows.
Elephant Camel - Elephant and camel cross.
Elephant Koi - Enormous Koi fish.
Elephant Mandrill - Mandrill and elephant cross.
Elephant Rat - Elephant and rat cross.
Fly - Just a fly.
'Flying Boar' - A boar with wings.
Fox Antelope - Fox and antelope cross.
Giant Beetle - Giant beetle, used for transportation.
Giant Fly - Giant bug, eaten in the Foggy Swamp.
Giant Night Crawler - Giant worm.
Glow Fly- Fly that glows.
Gopher - Just a gopher.
Gopher-Bear - Gopher and bear cross.
Gorilla Goat - Gorilla and goat cross.
Hippo - Just a hippo.
Hoppy-Possum - Frog and possum cross.
Hybrid Pigs - Pig and other animals cross.
Hog Monkey - Hog and monkey cross.
Hopping Llama - Presumably, a llama that can hop, as the name implies. Possibly a llama and kangaroo cross.
Jackalope - Jackrabbit and antelope cross.
Leech-A-Pillar - Leeach and caterpillar cross.
Meadow Vole- Rodent.
Mole- Just a mole.
Mouse - Just a white mouse.
Ostrich Horse - Ostrich and horse cross, used for transportation.
Platypus Bear - Platypus and bear cross, lays edible eggs.
Poodle Monkey - Poodle and Monkey cross.
Purple Pentapus - Smaller, five-legged octopus, causes fake illness "Pentapox".
Pygmy Pumas - Smaller, sleeker versions of pumas bred for compact city living..
Rabbaroo - Rabbit and kangaroo cross.
Rabbit- Just a rabbit.
Raven Eagle - Raven and eagle cross.
Reptile Bird - Green parrot and lizard cross.
Saber-tooth Moose-Lion - Moose and lion cross, cubs are non-aggressive.
Scorpion - Just a scorpion.
Screeching Dodo - Bird that screams.
Serpent - A sea-horse like serpent.
Se Tu - Giant, green catfish.
Scorpion Bee - Scorpion and bee cross.
Shirshu - Large, has body of an anteater and dragon like head. It has no true eyes, a very keen sense of smell for navigation/seeking prey.
Singing Groundhog - It is a small, brown, furry rodent.
Skunk-Bear - Skunk and bear cross.
Sparrowkeet - Dove-sized birds.
Spider - Just a spider.
Turkey Duck - Turkey and duck cross, bred for meat.
Turtle Frog - Turtle and frog cross, lays eggs like a sea turtle.
Vole - Just a vole.
Wolfbats - Wolf and bat cross.
Anteater Sloth - Anteater and sloth cross, have a sloth-like body and an anteater head with a long tongue, seen in The Firebending Masters.
Badgerfrog - Badger and frog cross.
Boar-q-pine - Boar and porcupine cross.
Cave-Hopper - White insect with four legs.
Clam - Mollusk.
Cow Hippo - Cow and hippo cross.
Dragon- Large, horned reptile with a long body, the first firebenders.
Dragon Hawk - Messenger birds of prey with dark red or brown feathers.
Dragon Moose - Dragon and moose cross.
Duck - Just a duck.
Elephant Rat - Elephant and rat cross.
Koala Sheep - Koala and sheep cross.
Komodo Rhino - Komodo dragon and rhinoceros cross.
Mongoose Dragon - Mongoose and dragon cross.
Platypus Bear- Platypus and bear cross.
Sea Lion - Sea lion.
Snail Sloth - Snail and sloth cross.
Toucan-Puffin - Toucan and Atlantic puffin cross.
Turtle Ducks - Turtle and duck cross.
Two-Headed Fish - Mutated fish found in polluted waters of Jang Hui River.
Vulture Griffin - Vulture and griffin cross.
Two-Headed Rat Viper - Snake and rat cross.
Squirrel - Just a squirrel. Seen over the Lion Turtle.

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Pets (Fauna)
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