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 Amethyst, Fire Bender

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PostSubject: Amethyst, Fire Bender   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:20 pm

Name: Amethyst Copper Gondie
Age: 15
Sex: girl
Hair: black with a gold tint to it most of the time ina ponytail
Eyes: goldish,grey
Home nation: Fire Nation
Bender or Mortal: Bending
Bending abilities (If bender): fireballs, fire streams, blacing rings and arcs, firebombs, fire daggers, fire whips, fire blade, fire lashes, fire circle, shiled off fire, heat control, blockign fire, She has issues rememebering the dancgin dragon, fire disks, charged attacks, Wall of flames, she can kinda redirect heat, Fire Augmentation, pressure control.
Body type: skinny athletic, Fire benders are suppose to have pale skin but shes tan
Description: real pretty, but sometiems doesnt think so,
Personality: doesnt think so much abotu herself, real tough has a mean side but si sweet
Weapon (if non-bender):
Pets (only two, one big, like Appa, one small, like momo): Flying Bison thats usually never scene by people named Choco, and a shy lemur names Loko
Bio: When she was 11 she broke rules of the fire nation, and she leanred she hated it there. She was abonded at 12 by her parents they didnt want her, she then ran awya from the Fire nation. The nation is still trying to hunt her down, she stays in disquise, and tries to be hidden. The whole fire nation hates her, and even her family hate her also. Now shes wandering around.
RP example (4 sentences): I walked by a river. I sat dwon adnn washed my face dinking some of the water. loko came by and kept me comapny. I smiled and got upa nd started to walk again.

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PostSubject: Re: Amethyst, Fire Bender   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:22 pm

Gewd! :3


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Amethyst, Fire Bender
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