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 A Few Conditions...

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PostSubject: A Few Conditions...   Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:12 pm

Wan Shi Tong has returned his library to the physical world. The reason is unknown, perhaps to collect more knowledge, no one knows. His library is vast and you can find almost anything here...

Condition 1. When posting Wan Shi Tong (me) will ask you to supply knowledge. You must supply him knowledge or leave.

Condition 2. If you attack Wan Shi Tong he will kill your character, meaning if you post with that character again, you will be banned for a week. Bottom line: Don't attack the giant demon owl...

Condition 3. No using the library to bring harm to anyone else. The giant demon owl will attack you and kill you.

Condition 4. To know what happens when Wan Shi Tong "kills" you refer to "Condition 2" Very Happy

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Water/plant bender, Ty
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A Few Conditions...
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