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 Tui and La

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PostSubject: Tui and La   Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:18 pm

I swam underwater and stared at the two spirits, forever circling each other. They seemed so peaceful. The water was deeper than I expected, but really warm, which felt great. I looked up and could see Bato and Keanu enjoying the rare warmth. I let out a burst of bubbles and swam between the two spirits. They eyed me curiously and continued swimming. I was about out of air so I propelled myself to the surface. I hopped out of the water and pulled the excess water off my skin and out of my clothes. I sat next to Mato and smiled. I bowed to the spirits and turned to Keanu. I climbed on his back and pulled Mato up. "Let's go!" I called. Keanu growled and shot up into the air.

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Tui and La
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